Mosquito Fogging Services - San Jose Pest ControlOur San Jose pest control services team will take care of just about any pest invasion nature can throw at you!

In general, exterminators and pest control services are an important component of keeping the public safe, and healthy. Many of the insect pests and wild animals we encounter have the capacity to carry all kinds of diseases into our homes. This can be dangerous.

Consider yourself lucky if the bugs invading your home don’t carry any life-threatening diseases, but instead just annoy us. However, even annoying bugs shouldn’t have to be dealt with. Our professional pest services can be a life saver for those who are feeling itchy or bothered by just knowing the bugs are in the house.

And when we have solved the mystery of what pests have moved in, and how they gained access to your home, we will share that information. Next, we’ll explain the plan we have for eradication and removal so there are no surprises. This way you can closely monitor your home to make sure they don’t return in the future.

On Time Seasonal Commercial Pest Removal Services

One of the exterminator services that commercial pest control companies try to offer their clients, is the management of insects and wild animals that will try to take up residence in a commercial business. This is usually because they have found a way to access a food source. Insects can be found everywhere, but are often undetectable until they have multiplied in to large numbers. They may not be noticed initially by the business owner, because of their tiny size and often nocturnal behavior.

Some of these bugs will only come out at night and avoid of any form of light. This can be especially bad in restaurants. Many invading pests are very small and may need to mature completely to even be seen by the naked eye. New pest detection is a service that our commercial pest control company extends to a client as a preliminary form of evaluation, and future pest control management.

Invading Pests That Plague Homes and Homeowners – San Jose Pest Control

Dangerous Wasp Nest - San Jose Pest ControlOur company has extensive experience solving all kinds of residential pest control issues. Whether it’s a termite problem, cockroaches, mice, fleas, flies, bedbugs, or even raccoons, we have successfully stopped these intrusive guests many times before. We can do it for you too!

Our pest control agent will ask about your symptoms, or signs, that led you to believe you have pests in your home. When our agent is successful in detecting and identifying the species, our exterminator will likely have several recommendations for controlling, managing, and complete elimination.

If it’s bed bugs that are causing your issues, more drastic measures may need to be taken. This includes disposing of the sheets and pillowcases on the infected bed, cloths, or other linens where bedbugs can be seen. Your bed may also need to be wrapped with a plastic wrap for several months to ensure that the bugs die. With no oxygen or food source, they will die. Carpets, floor and wall cracks, will all need a thorough bed bug treatment. Any other places the bed bugs may have hidden will also need to be sprayed.

In extreme cases, the pest control technician may recommend a “pesticide bomb”. If this is needed, it will require the home owner to vacate the house for several days while the pest fumigation takes place.

Think San Jose Pest Control For Wild Animal Removal

Other types of wild animal pests may need to be controlled with baits and traps to capture and remove them, but other methods will have to be employed to prevent them from re-entering the house. The use of cages, baits, and other methods of wild animal control, can be easily performed by our pest control expert and without long-term damage to your home or business. Regular visits for pest control maintenance is also something that can be discussed and arranged between the home owner and our San Jose Pest Control Company.