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Aphids are plant bugs that trigger stains, wilting, and leaves turning a yellow-brown. Not only do these bugs make your plants look unpleasant, but they also bring in other insects. This includes ants, wasps, and bees.

Aphids, also known as the plant louse, can be red, white, brown, or black. However, they’re typically green. Aphid damage to decorative plants is extensive, too. They feed upon the plant sap, misshaping the leaves. Then they end up causing a fungi called sooty mold. San Jose Pest Control is accredited in every area of pest control. We can deal with aphids using all natural items!

It’s not just the plants themselves that aphids feed upon. Tree leaves might also be plagued with aphids. If you’ve found spots on the window and paint of your vehicles, it might be the honeydew from an above tree.

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Left alone, aphids eating flower buds and fruit will result in them being malformed. Their leaves will turn yellow-brown, curl, and twist, then fall too soon. Sooty mold might establish on the leaves as well. Colonization of aphids will infect other plants and trees. This happens due to a small amount of winged aphids flying to the plant they view to be an ideal host.

Females can produce 40 to 60 offspring that develop in 7 to 10 days. The majority of the offspring are female and, for that reason, we’re seeing a growing number of aphids. Some aphids are the cause of plant infections. When they penetrate a plant with their mouth, the plant ends up being contaminated. This triggers stunted development and the plants ultimately die.

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