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If you need a bird & bat exterminator, we can help. San Jose Pest Control is a leading pest control company and ready to help with whatever you need. This includes virtually any type of pest that may have invaded your home or business. We do it all!

San Jose Bird Pest Control

For the most part, birds are not a very big issue. However, when their numbers grow big and they start to nest and roost where we live and work they can become a major issue. Birds, their droppings, and what they use to build nests can trigger severe health dangers to people.

As a result, it’s extremely bothersome and pricey to tidy up the mess they leave and fix the damage connected to their droppings. It’s in these circumstances that they end up being a huge problem. We use a range of expert items, methods, and applications to deal with birds. We’ll prevent and omit these pests in a gentle way so they won’t cause problems or health issues.

San Jose Bat Pest Control

Although they supply natural insect control, bats can cause damage to your house. They’ll leave their droppings on walls and outdoor patios. In many cases, bats can bring and transfer diseases making it required to get rid of them. California is the home of about 28 various types of bats, and they’re all safeguarded. For that reason, they can not be killed and it’s illegal to use pesticides or chemicals straight on the bats.

Nevertheless, it’s possible and legal to carry out pest control work to remove their home and food sources around your house. State law determines that any pest control work must be carried out throughout non-maternity seasons. This is to prevent separating moms from their young. Any other time in the year provides a range of expert removal strategies to get rid of bats around your house in the future.

If you need more pest control information from a bird & bat exterminator, then give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions or book an appointment for you. Call San Jose Pest Control to get started: (408) 680-5878

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