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cockroach removal - cockroach control - cockroach exterminatorThe worst thing that can happen to your home is to need a cockroach exterminator for an infestation of roaches. They are disgusting and embarrassing. Roaches are bugs with a hard shell and capable of surviving in the harshest of conditions. They can infest any house without warning. Roaches are capable of hiding in very small places beyond your reach. They are excellent at crawling onto clothing or purses and hitching a ride to their new home. They are even believed to be among the only survivors of a nuclear war! Roaches carry germs and spread diseases everywhere they go inside your home. Hence, it’s important to take steps to keep your home free of roaches and other pests by hiring a cockroach exterminator.

If you happen to see a single cockroach, there’s no need to freak out just yet. Taking the proper measures and precautions immediately, your roaches will be history in no time. A few cockroaches aren’t an indicator of a roach infestation. However, if you see varying sizes of cockroaches moving about, then you have most likely waited too long before calling our cockroach exterminator. This indicates the roaches have bred, and the smaller ones are the younger generations. You have to take this very seriously and treat this problem as a major priority!

A Cockroach Exterminator Helps Eliminate Pathogens and Diseases

San Jose cockroach removal servicesCockroaches are major carriers of pathogens and diseases. They are clearly a nuisance pest that must be dealt with by a cockroach exterminator at San Jose Pest Control. You could look into the DIY cockroach control method, and possibly save yourself a few hours pay. The downside is that if you fail to execute a successful plan your home will be over-run by the time you realize what has (or has not) happened.

Cockroaches can also carry Salmonella, Shigella (Dysentery), Gastroenteritis and other stomach problem causing organisms. They are a particularly dangerous nuisance pest because they can spread biological pathogens by contaminating our food with their feces. That alone is reason to call our cockroach exterminator.

The Lifespan and Habits of a Cockroach

The cockroaches’ life span lasts approximately 3 months, beginning as an egg, and ending as the hard shelled creature we all seem to hate. As the smaller cockroaches grow in size, they shed their skin to make room for the larger shell. In densely infested homes, growing cockroaches can be a concern for those with respiratory issues, like asthma, because the small shell particles become airborne.

Their lifespan depends almost entirely on their location and amount of access to resources needed for survival. Just like most living things on our planet, cockroaches have basic needs for survival. They are; food, water, shelter and warmth. Lacking any of these resources will cut their lifespan significantly.

Inside your home they look to find scraps of food, spilled cooking grease, or sugar. The cleanliness of your home barely comes into the equation. The cockroaches can find dropped scraps of food on the floor, behind cupboards, fridges and stoves, etc. Next, they go looking for any organic matter in small crevices or cracks in your walls, flooring or woodwork. This is where our cockroach exterminator really shines!

All cockroaches are omnivores by nature, and like to eat almost anything organic. This includes pet food, meat, and spilled bakery and dairy products. They also like other organic compounds such as book bindings, glues, and even eating each other when necessary.

Cockroaches are also nocturnal. They like to rest in the dark, and relatively warm areas in the home. They also have a very rapid breeding cycle. This is why you need to call as soon as you see ONE cockroach. Waiting longer lets populations build, and will take our cockroach exterminator longer to solve your problem.

Hiring Reliable Cockroach Pest Control

In an ideal world, you could fix the cockroach problem by removing the food or water from their environment. It’s probably not possible to remove 100% of their food and water sources, but by minimizing them you can make a huge impact. Dry your sink surfaces and other wet areas before going to bed, and don’t leave any water dripping or running in the house.

If you know the cockroaches’ access points in to your home and the rooms where they’re a problem, block their routes. You want to try to make it difficult and uncomfortable to continue living in your home! This method is also useful to a termite exterminator in ridding a home of termites.

Commercial Cockroach Treatment for Restaurants & Businesses

Cockroaches probably won’t just disappear if you follow the instructions above. Sometimes it will be necessary to use commercial pesticides to kill off the roach population in your home. Insecticidal sprays and “Mini Foggers” are a few of the favorite products, but there are better options available.

Some chemical food baits contain chemicals to stunt growth, having no short term effects on cockroaches. One that roach spreads the chemical through fecal matter to the colony. This method will kill the roach infestation when their bodies outgrow their shells.

If this is the case in your home, you’re probably giving serious consideration to calling in a professional cockroach exterminator. Roach motels and cockroach sprays will work, but to really kill cockroaches, you’ve got to break out the big guns: BORIC ACID. It’s in a powder form that you can buy locally at a hardware store, and is quite toxic to cockroaches.

You want to buy a big box of this and start spreading it around in strategic locations within your house. Focus on the cool, dark, damp places cockroaches like. Also, roaches like to walk with one side of their body against something. Take advantage of this by placing the powder along the back edges of cupboards and baseboards. This also works for exterminating ants.

You want to be liberal with your boric acid. It is cheap and easy to use, but should be avoided if you have small children. If you place the poison effectively, you will find you have created a major cockroach apocalypse. However, for some people, this may not work. At this point, you may feel safer in going ahead and calling a cockroach exterminator.

The last option is to get a cat. Most of them love to hunt, and eat the roaches!. Although this can be quite effective, if you’re not interested in owning a pet, or can’t have pets, this option won’t work either.

When calling around for a local cockroach exterminator, be sure you find a well established pest control company that will know how to deal with the special concerns of your cockroach population. The longer the pest control company has been around, the more likely it is to have qualified employees. However, you don’t want to disregard new businesses if you hear good things.

It’s very important to note that roaches are becoming immune to pesticides and sprays currently being produced. They are becoming tolerant to baits also and don’t seem to disappear when setting up traps. They reproduce very rapidly and on a massive scale. Your best bet is to hire a cockroach exterminator who will scientifically solve this pest problem for you.

It’s also important to approach a cockroach exterminator if the pest problem with cockroaches continues in your home. You have to deal with these bugs by calling a San Jose cockroach exterminator today.

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