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flea removal - flea control - flea exterminatorOpening a flea exterminator service has become big business in recent years. Many people have indoor pets in their homes, and with that comes fleas. They can usually be found living and growing within the warm and moist animal hair of your dog or cat. When you let your pet run around outside, it is inevitable that your home and pets will eventually pickup fleas that can potentially turn in to a flea infestation. Fleas can multiply rapidly, and there’s no easy way to get rid of them.

It’s worth mentioning however, that only about 10% of the fleas currently inside your home are physically on your pet. The other 90% of the population, which make up the flea eggs, larvae, and pupa, find other areas of your house to take up residency. Some of the areas adult fleas like will include your carpets, bedding, and living areas. These are the primary areas to focus on for proper treatment and removal when you’re dealing with a flea infestation.

The information below covers some of the methods used by a flea exterminator, and the techniques used to get rid of fleas.

Hiring The Right Flea Exterminator For Your Pets

You should check your pets periodically to see if they’re carrying fleas. You can find them hiding in and behind the ears, on the belly, and around the anus of your pet. Fleas have a four stage life cycle, and it’s critically important to address all areas. Many people incorrectly believe that more chemicals are better when it comes to treatments of a flea exterminator, but this is not the case.

You should start by giving your pets a flea bath or shampoo. This will give you a good head start for pets having a large population of fleas on its body. However, this only provides temporary discomfort and the fleas come back within a few days. This method isn’t intended for lasting control flea control.

You can also use a “flea dip”. This is a more potent way to assist in getting rid of fleas on your pets. It also can also attack and kill any mites or ticks on the animal’s body too. Flea dips usually last about 1 – 2 weeks, and is only effective on fully grown adult fleas. Spot treatments produce similar results but, typically last for around a month as they prevent larvae from hatching out of the flea eggs.

Flea collars for your pet are collars that you fit around the neck of your cat or dog, which produces a toxic gas that is poisonous to fleas. These flea collars can also be placed inside vacuum bags to further kill any fleas as you vacuum your house. Again, these are only effective on adult fleas.

You can also buy oral flea medication. This works within your pets to poison and stop the larvae from hatching out of the flea egg. There is also an injectable medication like this that is for use specifically on cats. These flea exterminator treatments will not actually kill adult fleas, but they can help break the life cycle of the fleas when used together with other flea treatments used by San Jose Pest Control.

The Flea Exterminator Bomb, Flea Fogger, or Flea Tenting

A flea bomb or flea fogger is the more efficient way of handling a flea infestation, and will kill them at the larvae stage of the flea life cycle. You will have to remove your pets from the property for safety. Put all food and plates away, then leave the house for at least two hours. After this, you will should wipe down all food surfaces and wash dish towels, exposed clothing, etc.

Flea bombs will kill most of the fleas, but not all of them. Bombing them is one of the more effective methods though. You should be aware though that flea bombs will leave a light residue and chemical smell inside your home. You may need to open your windows to completely air-out the house.

Call Now For A Professional Flea Exterminator Treatment!

Many people prefer to call in a professional flea exterminator for their pest control problem with fleas as they usually have the knowledge and equipment to bring the problem back under control. We can usually do the whole job within a couple of hours, and we’ll be able to reach those areas you might have missed.

Before calling our flea exterminator, you should thoroughly vacuum and clean your carpets throughout the whole house. Sprinkle Borax on the carpets like you would carpet freshener, and that will help to start killing the fleas and eggs. Use a fertilizer spreader to coat your yard in Borax, especially near the entry points where your pets go in and out of the house.

It’s important not to forget your pet’s bedding areas and blankets get washed in hot water. Once our professional flea exterminator treatment is complete, you should not vacuum or clean your floors for several days. You want to give the flea treatment time to work.

Slow Your Flea Infestation and Reproduction Rate

In a recent pest control study, it was discovered that a flea infestation on dogs would disappear in the months of February and March throughout most of the United States. Not surprisingly, the highest flea infestation rates were observed in summer and autumn months. Winter had the lowest rates overall.

There are many ways a flea exterminator can handle the problems outlined above. If you feel that you’re fighting a losing battle with the fleas on your pet and in your house, then call our professional flea exterminator to quickly perform the job for you.

California drought could be causing a flea epidemic this year. To alleviate the suffering that these pests cause our pets, you should try to maintain regular flea removal and treatment maintenance by our professional flea exterminator.

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