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Without a doubt, California is somewhere you’ll find scorpions. There are even individuals out there who don’t wish to prevent scorpions. However, if you’re like me and don’t wish to see them, we can help. Understanding scorpions is the best way to be prepared when you come in contact with one. If you need immediate scorpion pest control, then the scorpion exterminator experts at San Jose Pest Control are ready to help.

You have to understand exactly what they are, what they look like, how they act, and where they can be found. Understanding these things can make you feel more comfortable if you reside in a desert environment. This is the house for a scorpion.

Scorpions have 4 sets of legs and pincers (their little lobster claw). Scorpions can have many various colors and sizes. However, the majority of the ones that lie in California are generally a pale gold or tan color. In parts of the world, scorpions can be 6 inches or longer. The adult scorpions in the San Jose location are typically less than 3 inches long. Scorpions have a venom bulb at the end of their long tail, called the telson.

There are approximately 90 various types of scorpions in the United States alone, and around 1500 worldwide. California alone has more than 40 types of scorpions. This number continuously changes since when new types are found, their animal category changes. Then there are some types that go extinct.

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Scorpions like to hide under rocks, or they reside in narrow areas. They are nocturnal, meaning they’re active and feed in the evening. The scorpions found in California typically love eating spiders, bugs, and each other if they’re starving.

Scorpions will hide throughout the day, so make sure you constantly inspect your shoes and clothing prior to putting them on if you live in a location that a has a good scorpion population. If there’s any construction near you, chance is you’ll see scorpions inside the house since their outside environment has been interrupted.

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