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Are there slugs or snails in your garden? If so, this is something that needs to be dealt with. This is because slugs and snails can trigger a lot of damage to your garden and flower beds. Slug and snail slime tracks can stay noticeable for a number of days. They also typically come out during the night to feed.

Their slime routes can help lead us to their hiding or living spots. Slugs and snails conceal in wet, dark locations throughout the day, so it’s important to move firewood far from your house and off the ground. You should also move flower pots to stands to get rid of these dark, moist locations.

At San Jose Pest Control, our upkeep program will make sure your house is slug and snail free year-round. If slugs, snails, or other pests return between check outs simply give us a call. See slugs or snails? Need to get slugs and snails eliminated in your backyard? Contact San Jose Pest Control today for a complimentary price quote and instant slug and snail control.

To appropriately deal with a slug and snail invasion, you need to understand what kind of slugs and snails you are dealing with. Here at San Jose Pest Control, our skilled snail & slug exterminator team will recognize the types of slugs and snails attacking your house and use the best insect control treatment to resolve your issue rapidly.

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San Jose Pest Control prides itself on utilizing items that are best for the environment. A few of our consumers select our 100% natural bug options. We have 100% natural or green slug and snail control options that may be an excellent option for your scenario.

At San Jose Pest Control, we’re skilled and educated with all kinds of slug and snail control. Our skilled pest control professionals will eliminate them for you and keep your household safe. Each time your home is treated, we’ll examine living locations for activity and deal with anything we see. If you have slugs and snails attacking your house, give us a call today – (408) 680-5878

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