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When you have spiders in your house, it’s typically an indication that another insect population has to be managed. After all, your fat spiders got like that by consuming something caught in their web. San Jose Pest Control can help eliminate spiders and what they’re feeding on.

While the majority of bites from spiders in the San Jose Area aren’t a danger, they can be unsafe for individuals who experience allergic reactions. Thankfully, it’s fairly rare for a spider to bite.

There are 2 typical harmful spiders found in California – the Western Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Thankfully, coming across the Black Widow in the San Jose Area is unusual. While the Brown Recluse is uncommon to the San Jose Area, it’s more commonly found in other areas of the state. Specialists anticipate that urbanizing will make these more common in San Jose and surrounding areas in the future.

One spider type that strikes panic in home owners is the Wolf Spider. This types is typically incorrectly identified as a tarantula. Though it can bite if squeezed or stepped on, Wolf Spiders typically avoid contact with humans.

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Spiders are natural predators of insects and house-infesting pests. Once, scientists observed a single spider’s feeding patterns in a house for 11 successive nights. They saw it eat 72 bugs, consisting of ants, cockroaches, springtails, and more.

While some types of spiders can infest houses, many spiders discovered in houses are incidental intruders that roamed in. Their populations do not generally reach invasive levels. When a real invasion is found, San Jose Pest Control eliminates spiders without an overreliance on pesticides. We do this by first using natural and pesticide-free approaches. This can consist of things like traps, tracking, and using EPA authorized tools to search fractures and crevices where spiders hide.

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